Please read:

I am currently 9-10 months behind due to a large number of orders being placed as well as dealing with long hauler Covid mental illness. Severe anxiety, depression, fatigue and brain fog. All of which, impact the timeliness of my work. I am working on orders as quickly as I possibly can. So, please be patient. Thank you. 

When I am caught up, changes to this section will be coming. Stay tuned.

 A friendly reminder: When placing an order, please make sure your shipping address is correct. Cursed Camp Studios cannot be held responsible for a shipping error due to incorrect information received. Please double check all your information before placing an order.

Thank you.

Frequently asked questions.

     1. Q: How much are your masks?

          A: Each mask has its own price and is listed in each description page.

      2. Q: Do you accept credit cards?

          A: Yes, I accept most major credit cards as well as PayPal.     

       3. Q: Do you ship overseas?

          A: Absolutely! I ship anywhere in the world. 

      4. Q: Do you offer refunds?

         A: NO REFUNDS OR CANCELLATIONS. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. However, if your item is damaged or lost during shipping, please contact me as soon as possible so I can make it right.

      5. Q: How long before I get my mask once I have placed an order?

          A: UPDATED AS OF 2/11/2022: At the moment, the current wait time is approximately 11 months. 

      6. Q: Why does it take so long?

          A: UPDATED AS OF 5/27/2021:I don't keep masks in stock so, every mask you purchase, is made to order. I always have orders that are in process from previous customers that need to be finished before I can begin working on new orders. Cursed Camp Studios is a one person operation and these masks take a certain amount of time to complete. I am also prone to getting behind on orders due to large orders being placed or many orders being placed in a short span of time. Multiple orders, sale orders, orders with stands, Halloween and Christmas orders may need more time to complete as well. Please consider this when placing an order.

      7. Q: Do you do custom orders?

          A:  No, I do not take custom orders or special requests. Sorry.

      8. Q: If I order more than one mask, can I get a discount?

          A: Sorry, no discounts on multiple orders.                    

      9. Q: What are your masks made from?

          A: My masks are made from either high impact resistant PETG  or Styrene.                              

    10. Q: Can I wear your masks to play hockey, contact sports, etc...?

          A:  No. My masks are for display or costuming purposes only. They should never, ever be used as any type of protective gear. Cursed Camp Studios will not be held liable for misuse of its products.

    11. Q: Will my mask look exactly like the photo in the listing?

           A: Each order is made and painted by hand. So, variations to color and detail should be expected. My painting style is always evolving and a mask that I painted 6 months ago will not look exactly like a mask I painted today.

    12. Q: Do you sell mask blanks?

          A: No, I do not sell blanks. 

    Also, I don't make it to the post office everyday so, when you get a shipping notification email, that does not necessarily mean that your order has been dropped off at the post office or even on a truck, it simply means that your order is in the process of being shipped and that the shipping label has been printed. 

    If anyone has any further questions, please feel free to contact me via email at : brasier76@hotmail.com  Thank you.