Frequently Asked Questions:

     1. Q: How much are your masks?

          A: Each mask has it's own price and is listed in each description page.

      2. Q: Do you accept credit cards?

          A: Yes, I accept most major credit cards as well as PayPal.     

       3. Q: Do you ship overseas?

          A: Absolutely! I ship anywhere in the world. 

      4. Q: Do you offer refunds?

          A: No refunds, sorry. All sales are final. However, if your item is damaged or lost during shipping, I will replace the item at no charge.

      5. Q: How long before I get my mask once I have placed an order?

          A: The wait time for a mask is usually 4 to 6 weeks.

      6. Q: Why does it take so long?

          A: I don't keep masks in stock so, every mask you buy is made to order. This means that I don't begin working on your mask until you have completed your purchase. Also, I  usually have orders that are still in process from other customers that need to be finished before I can begin on new orders. Cursed Camp Studios is a one person operation. So, the 4 to 6 week wait period allows me to get all orders completed and shipped out and not rush any work. It also allows me time to gather supplies if I run low.         

      7. Q: Do you do custom orders?

          A: No customs or special requests, sorry. I only make what is listed on the website.

      8. Q: If I order more than one mask, can I get a discount?

          A: Sorry, no discounts on multiple orders but shipping is combined.                              

      9. Q: What are your masks made from?

          A: My masks are made from either high impact resistant PETG (Polyethylene Terephthlate Glycol-Modified) or Styrene.                                                                          

    10. Q: Can I wear your mask to play hockey?

          A:  My masks are for display or costuming purposes only. Not for contact sports.

    11. Q: Can you you make a mask to look exactly like another artist's mask?

          A:  No.