Orders update and some thank yous.

Ryan Brasier

Just trying to keep everyone informed as I can here with this blog. I really want to use the blog/news section as a way to keep people up to date with what is going on in the shop.

Orders from the Friday the 13th sale are being processed at this time. I hope everyone did read the guidelines that were posted prior to the sale that due to the sale being so close to Halloween, that the wait time was going to be a bit longer. As long as there are no bumps in the road, all orders from the sale should be completed and shipped out within the next 2-3 weeks.

FAQ's update

Ryan Brasier

I've recently updated and added a few things to the FAQ section. Please take the time to read it thoroughly. Thank you. Ryan, CCS

Just a friendly reminder. Please take the time to read.

Ryan Brasier

From time to time, I like to remind everyone that when they make a purchase from me, there is a wait time. These times are subjective, depending on how busy and backed up with orders I am. I work on mask orders in the sequence in which they are placed and the wait time for full sized masks are 4-6 weeks. Minis are 3-4 weeks. Straps are 1-2 weeks. Shirts and mugs are 1-2 weeks. Buttons are 2-3 days. I'm not behind at the moment but business is picking up and I just want to keep everyone informed. I am...


Ryan Brasier

Here is a couple of part 6's I just finished up. l to r: bullet hole and regular. Thanks for checking them out!

Part 6 hockey mask.

Here is a part 6 I just finished for a customer. Thanks for checking it out and have a great weekend!!