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Ryan Brasier

July 3rd, 2018

I'm just wanting to keep everyone informed here.

Due to a very high number of sales over the last couple of months, those with current orders placed, may experience a small delay. By small, I mean possibly a few extra days to a week. Nothing more than that.

This year has been by far, the busiest for me and I am beyond grateful to you all. In fact, business has nearly doubled from last year. So, to those who have purchased from me, thank you very much! That being said, as a one person operation, meeting deadlines is becoming a bit more of a challenge. I'm not going over my standard wait time of 4-6 weeks but I am starting to cut it closer than I like. So, over the next few weeks, if there is a slight delay, please be patient, I assure you that I am diligently working on your orders to get them to you.

Thank you very much,



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