Black Friday/ Cyber Monday orders.

Ryan Brasier

First off, I want to tell everyone who placed an order with me this past weekend THANK YOU!! Your business means a lot and is greatly appreciated! So, again, thank you!

Second, just a heads up for everyone. Over the last few days, I have noticed a few folks checking in on their orders from the past weekend. I would like everyone to please keep in mind that everything in the store is made to order. I don't keep anything in stock. Each item in the store has it's own turnaround time and will be made and delivered within that time frame. So, please be patient. I did receive quite a few orders this past weekend and I am working on them in the order they were placed. I will most likely be working around the clock the next few weeks to make sure all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are shipped in time for Christmas. If anyone has any concerns about their orders, please feel free to contact me via email at:

Thank you all for your business as well as your patience.



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