A few bits of news.

Ryan Brasier

First, I want everyone to know that orders are going pretty much as scheduled. Putting in a lot of long days to get the Black Friday/Cyber Monday orders completed. Been super busy trying to get everyone's masks made and shipped out on time. Which brings me to the next little bit.

I am going to be extending my turnaround time from 3-4 week to 4-6 weeks. Let me be clear, if you currently have an order placed with me, you will still get your masks within the original turnaround time of 3-4 weeks. Any orders placed after today, Thursday, December 15th, will fall under the new time. The reason being is that business has picked up considerably compared to last year and I am busier than ever. I am eternally grateful for this fact but I am finding more and more that I am beginning to cut things a bit too close for my liking. I wish I could hire an assistant but until then, extending the turnaround time seems the only logical choice.

And last, I thought I would show off the new logo design. Background courtesy of Rogue Vincent from DeviantArt. Looking to have it put on some shirts soon. Hope you guys like it.

Thank you all for your continued support. Means a great deal to me that so many of you dig what I'm doing.


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